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  • Tidbits Probiotics Pack A Punch – May/June 2020
    Consumers’ interest in microbiome-friendly food and beverage continues. The latest probiotic activity is happening in functional beverages, nutrition bars and snacks. Probiotics have even spilled into skin care including deodorant and facial products.
  • Tidbits A Taste Of The Middle East – Israeli Inspired March/April 2020
    Demand for Middle Eastern cuisines has led to innovation in Fast-Casual Mediterranean restaurants, Hummusiyas, and consumer packaged hummus.
  • Tidbits Interactive Experiences November/December 2019
    Experiential overnight stays, fast food-scented products and unexpected scent applications are the latest marketing ploys to capture consumers’ attention.
  • Tidbits Lose The Booze and Raise Your Glass to LONO Drinks Sept/Oct 2019
    Non-Alcoholic, Alcohol Alternative, Mocktail, Sober Curious, Sober Sometimes, Abstinence…call it what you will, but low or no alcohol (LONO) beverages are more than trending.
  • Tidbits Every Dog Has His Day May/June 2019
    Pet owners project their human needs onto their pets. The popular human food and beverage trends happening such as plant-based, vegan, probiotic and sustainable lifestyles are all being translated into pet food.
  • Tidbits Sensational Products & Experiences January/February 2019
    In today’s experiential economy, brands are looking to engage and maintain consumers and consumers are looking for unique and interactive sensational products and experiences. Scratch-and-sniff technology, scent branding, scented tattoos and cosmetics as well as intriguing visual cues, interesting textures or mouthfeel and heating or cooling sensations are all current tactics to capture consumers’ attention.
  • Tidbits Eggcellent Eggs In All Forms Are Trending November/December 2018
    From grab-and-go snacks to restaurants highlighting the humble ingredient, eggs are a sustainable source of high-quality protein and are trending in all forms.
  • Tidbits Get Some Shut Eye July/August 2018
    Sleep is essential for good health and it is becoming a lifestyle focus. Nap centers and sleep-inducing spa treatments as well as consumer beverages and beauty products are just a few examples of what’s happening in the marketplace.
  • Tidbits Collagen is Calling March/April 2018
    All forms of collagen and a variety of interesting applications are driving innovation in food, beverages and beauty care.
  • Tidbits Made For Women January/February 2018
    From food & beverage to beauty, products made specifically for women with a focus on fluctuating hormones are launching to address women’s unmet needs.
  • Tidbits Quell The Smell August/September 2017
    The Global Air Freshener Market is expected to reach $11.04 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 2.8% during the forecast period 2015-2020, according to Allied Market Research. The latest activity in the air freshener market is the emergence of air fresheners that are specifically formulated for toilets to quell the bathroom smell.
  • Tidbits Adaptogens Say What? – Ingredient Alert March/April 2017
    Adaptogens are natural, super-herbs known for their restorative properties often used in herbal medicine and Ayurvedic practices to help the body and mind adapt to stress. Driven by the health and wellness lifestyle, adaptogens such as ashwagandha and medical mushrooms like reishi, chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane are popping up in a variety of consumer packaged goods such as functional beverages, snacks and chocolate.
  • Tidbits Laundry Luxe November/December 2016
    Laundry, which is usually perceived as a chore and unglamorous, is becoming a subject of interest. Laundry services, pop-up laundromats, laundry scents and fashion, art and technology inspired by laundry are on the rise.
  • Tidbits Fashionable Food & Beverages September/October 2016
    Food and Beverages have become fashionable. Now more than ever, fashion and food are colliding and there are a variety of fun and creative collaborations happening. From footwear to beauty, everyone wants a piece of the pie.
  • Tidbits Out Of This World November/December 2015
    Space continues to be an area of interest and exploration. The final frontier is becoming a reality. Consumer packaged goods are visiting space, space travel is being explored and pop culture is embracing space.
  • Tidbits Sensory Scents May/June 2015
    This year innovation does not cease and new, multi-sensory, unique and interactive experiences driven by technology continue to launch.
  • Tidbits Coffee Talk January/February 2015
    There’s been a lot of buzz about coffee. From unique coffee flavor combinations and new coffee shops to caffeine pick-me ups and alternative uses, coffee is brewing.
  • Tidbits Drink & Eat To Your Health October/November 2014
    The latest trend in consumer packaged goods is ingestible products that are engineered to deliver a targeted functional benefit such as eye health or skin and nail health.
  • Sensational Technology (PDF) April/May 2014
    Multi-sensory products and services are here to stay. There are a variety of new, unique and interactive experiences driven by technology available.
  • City Slicker (PDF) January/February 2014
    Although not a new concept, city themes are inspiring recent fine fragrance launches.
  • Smoke Signals (PDF) October/November 2013
    Tobacco is not new to fine fragrances, but there has been a recent focus on the ingredient and even home fragrance launches are using the plant for inspiration. Tobacco as a flavor is making its way into a variety of food and beverages.
  • Pure Polish (PDF) July/August 2013
    The nail care market has boomed. Innovation is a key driver and consumers’ interest in natural products has lead manufacturers to reformulate their products while new players are launching ‘natural’ and nontoxic formulas.
  • Ice Ice Baby (PDF) May/June 2013
    What’s the difference between sorbet and sherbet? These frozen treats are inspiring new spring and summer fragranced and flavored product launches. The fresh ingredients and pastel colors make for a good marketing story and marketers are capitalizing on it.
  • High-Tech Sensory Sensations (PDF) March/April 2013
    The multi-sensory trend isn’t waning anytime soon. New and interesting sensory concepts, products and restaurants continue to be introduced.
  • Bees Knees (PDF) January/February 2013
    Honey has long been utilized throughout history in a majority of cultures. Visions of bear-shaped bottles with clover honey may appear, but there has been a crop of artisanal honeys and candies, cocktails and fine fragrances crafted with honey.


  • What’s Poppin’? (PDF) November/December 2012
    Even with the negative press, popcorn is a mainstay, beloved snack and movie staple. According to The Popcorn Board, “Americans consume 16 billion quarts of popped popcorn annually.” October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month and the sweet kernel is popping up in new applications, intriguing gourmet savory flavors, sophisticated desserts, specialty shops, and alcoholic beverages.
  • Eat Dirt (PDF) September/October 2012
    As children we constantly put dirt in our mouth and as adults we are going back to our roots and “eating dirt” as the raw, vegan and foraging movements evolve.
  • Sea Buck What? Ingredient Alert (PDF) February/March 2012
    Sea Buckthorn Berry also known as Sea Berry is a tart, orange colored grape-sized berry. This superfruit has been receiving attention for its healthful and nutritional properties. US consumer packaged goods manufacturers are just beginning to capitalize on the benefits of Sea Buckthorn with a handful of interesting products.
  • Sensory Sensations (PDF) November/December 2011
    The multi-sensory trend is here to stay as new and interesting concepts, products and restaurants are introduced. There are a variety of recent, unique and interactive experiences to engage consumers.
  • At Your Doorstep (PDF) August/September 2011
    In today‟s busy environment convenience is in ever higher demand. Delivery and subscription-based products and services are the newest retail answer to consumers‟ needs for immediacy. An exciting twist to convenience is the addition of luxury. “Curated” and “hand-picked” beauty, food, beverage, and fashion items are the latest offerings.
  • Tiki Time (PDF) March/April 2011
    Marketers have capitalized on our desire to escape and the most popular translation of the tropics is Tiki themed products and services including food & beverage, entertainment, and fragranced packaged goods.
  • Spiked (PDF) January/February 2011
    The trend towards consumer products that are spiked with alcohol is apparent in the marketplace.
  • Multi-Sensory Experiences (PDF) October/November 2010
    The multi-sensory trend is a reoccurring theme. The intimate connection between fragrance and flavor is being brought closer together through experiential demonstrations including education, sensory dining/drinking, and sampling.
  • Shock Waves & Laser Beams (PDF) August/September 2010
    Technology continues to drive new product launches, particularly in facial skincare. There has been a plethora of activity in high-tech delivery systems, including battery operated devices, natural electrically charged facial products, and red and blue light phototherapy gadgets.
  • Good Things Come In Small Packages (PDF) May/June 2010
    There has been a plethora of activity in innovative applicators and delivery systems, particularly in cosmetic and personal care packaging. Roller ball applicators, dual-ended wands, battery operated products and multifunctional packaging are examples of the newest introductions.
  • Fairytales & Fantasies (PDF) March/April 2010
    Regardless of our age, fairytales and princess fantasies stay with us. There has been a new focus on adult fairytales and consumer products. Tim Burton’s film Alice in Wonderland sparked this interest and has been influential in the launch of fantastical fashion and beauty products and food and beverages.
  • Through The Grapevine (PDF) January/February 2010
    Grapes, particularly those used in wine, are appearing in a variety of products across market segments. Food and beverages, accessories and innovative packaging, and high-end skincare products based on wine continue to emerge.
  • La Dolce Vita (PDF) November/December 2009
    The latest craze in the food and beverage sector is Stevia, a natural sweetener and common sugar substitute with zero calories. Its origins are from South America and it’s between 200 and 300 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Clean Sweep (PDF) September/October 2009
    It’s flu season and with the H1N1 (Swine Flu) pandemic on the rise there is a heightened awareness about germs. The public’s concern with germs and bacteria is driving growth in the launch of antibacterial and sanitizing products. Fragranced hand sanitizers, sterilizing UV gadgets, antimicrobial packaging, travel accessories, and food safety products are recent examples.
  • Perfectly Polished (PDF) July/August 2009
    Nail care is traditionally a quiet category driven by seasonal color launches and quick drying formulas. However, there has been a surge of recent activity in new applications, technology, and services.
  • You Fill Up My Senses (PDF) May/June 2009
    The multi-sensorial trend, particularly in fragrance and flavor, continues to evolve. New products and services that engage consumers’ attention through technology and unique delivery systems abound.
  • What’s Your Type? (PDF) March/April 2009
    Entertainment based on vampires, products incorporating the word “blood,” and products based on consumers’ blood types are gaining popularity. Movies, books, and websites based on vampires, blood vessel dilating technology, blood type profiling, and blood orange variants in consumer packaged goods are a few recent examples.
  • Apothecary (PDF) January/February 2009
    Apothecary – “a place for the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical herbs, elixirs, and potions” and/or “a pharmacy or drugstore” is making a return. Bars, personal care products, and accessories using the apothecary theme are gaining popularity.


  • What’s Up Doc? (PDF) November/December 2008
    Clinical strength and doctor-developed products driven by technology and ingredients are the latest craze. High-end skin care, antiperspirant/deodorants, children’s products and ready-to-drink beverages are a few recent product examples.
  • F & B Buzz (PDF) September/October 2008
    The food and beverage marketplace is crowded and manufacturers and consumers alike are looking for unique products. Artisan ice creams, designer packaging, and added benefits are a few examples of how companies are engaging the consumers’ attention.
  • Mamma Mia (PDF) August 2008
    Today there is a plethora of services and products available for expecting parents; many that have been designed by seasoned parents. From prenatal services and products to practical and functional accessories, choices for new parents abound.
  • Dripping with Diamonds (PDF) July 2008
    They say “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but diamonds are appearing in more than just jewelry, and aren’t just for women. From luxury accessories to beauty care products, diamonds are being used in packaging and as an ingredient.
  • Form & Function (PDF) June 2008
    Form and function are important elements used in design. Now, more and more merchandise is being designed using technology that combines multi-functional purposes and intriguing aesthetics. From fashion and accessories to beauty and consumer packaged goods, these design elements continue to surface.
  • Chew On This (PDF) May 2008
    Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike are looking for new and exciting ingredients to create unique products and enticing marketing concepts. Several ingredients are emerging in food and beauty products.
  • Fun In The Sun (PDF) April 2008
    It’s time to get ready for the great outdoors and to protect our skin from harmful sunrays. Technology drives new product launches such as interesting applications, sunless tanning products, and protective sun gear.
  • Gold Mine (PDF) March 2008
    In the midst of a recession, consumers are trading up for premium products. They are gravitating towards affordable luxuries, products that provide a higher level of quality, taste, and aspiration towards a higher status. Examples of affordable luxuries include fine dining, premium alcohol, and high-end skincare. A common theme to communicate luxury is gold and 24 Karat gold is the “in vogue” ingredient being used across segments.
  • Sensory Overload (PDF) February 2008
    Our society is bombarded with information and stimuli; there are so many choices of products and services. To differentiate from other brands, manufacturers are making their products and services multi-sensorial. Through technology consumers are able to experience, smell, and/or taste products before purchase. Innovative technology such as individual scent packs, scented and flavored print media, and inviting aromatic environments are engaging consumers and creating personal and emotional relationships.
  • On The Run (PDF) January 2008
    Because of today’s busy and hectic lifestyles, consumers are continually searching for convenient products and services to make life easier. In response to market demands, companies have created innovative travel sized packaging, food on-the-go, and mobile services.
  • Made To Order (PDF) December 2007
    Bespoke, Customized, and Made-to-Order are not new concepts, but they are being interpreted in new ways. At one time, customized products and services were elite and only available to the wealthy. Now personalized products in beauty, fashion, and food are within reach of all.
  • Mother Nature (PDF) November 2007
    “Green” is the hot topic on everyone’s list. We’ve seen green products and services introduced in a myriad of industries. There are emerging, environmentally friendly ingredients and materials being used to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers. Corn, potato, soy, and bamboo aren’t just for eating anymore; these ingredients are finding new earth-friendly uses in design, fashion, and beauty.
  • Living Raw (PDF) October 2007
    Organic. Natural. Green. Why not add “raw” and “living” to the list of marketing buzzwords? Consuming “raw” or “living” food is in vogue as consumers continue to embrace healthier lifestyles. Like any lifestyle trend, there are many variations: Vegetarianism (eat only raw vegetables), Veganism (same as Vegetarianism except no dairy), and Fruitarianism (eat only raw fruits and seeds). Many products and services are sprouting up to meet these rising consumer needs.
  • Rest Assured (PDF) September 2007
    Ahh bed…if life were perfect we would all sleep through the night and get a full eight hours. As we know, life isn’t perfect and many of us do not get enough sleep. That’s why marketers, researchers, and manufacturers alike are focusing on products and services designed to help us sleep better.