Eurocosmetics Trends-In-Sight

Read Amy Marks-McGee’s Trends-In-Sight column, which focuses on what’s happening in the U.S. beauty and personal care market.

Eurocosmetics Insights into Emerging Current Ingredients Aug. 2015
Brands and suppliers alike continually search for new and unusual ingredients that deliver a specific benefit, demonstrate authenticity, or spur interest.

Eurocosmetics U.S. Skincare – An Active Market  June 2014
Innovation in skincare driven by ingredients and technology with a focus on anti-aging, texture, acne, sun care, and men’s products.

Eurocosmetics U.S. Hair Care Market Developments  Mar. 2014
Hair care trends led by “free of” claims and naturals while oil based formulas and dry, waterless shampoos coexist and hair perfumes are attracting the younger generation.

Eurocosmetics U.S. Spa Market Activity Jan/Feb. 2014
Natural treatments inspired from animal by-products, niche service bars, mobile spa services and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) at-home beauty devices are the latest activity.

Eurocosmetics U.S. Antiperspirant & Deodorant Market: No Sweat Nov./Dec. 2013
Long-lasting freshness and clinical-strength formulas continue while alternative uses such as hands, face, and feet and natural deodorants, without the use of aluminum based sweat absorbents, are emerging.

Eurocosmetics New U.S. Skin and Hair Care Products Address America’s Diverse & Ethnic Melting Pot Oct. 2013
Described as a melting pot, the U.S. has a diverse, multicultural mix of individuals and products that address their unique skin, hair, and cosmetic needs are being developed.

Eurocosmetics Beyond Decorative Cosmetics July/Aug. 2013
Lip balms, extended wear, multi-purpose, products with added skincare benefits and 3D textured cosmetics are the latest trends.