Two glass bottles of aromatherapy essential oils with cork stoppers with green herbs in a white mortar bowl with pestle for an ingredient article about herbalists formulating natural skincare products


Doctor-driven products have been driving skincare launches for the last few years. Now, herbalists are becoming the new formulators and launching natural skincare lines. Christian Toscano of Roots Rose Radish offers a range of 100% natural skincare products originally crafted from plants grown in her garden. Earth Tu Face was launched by Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm, two herbalists in San Francisco. The line is also 100% natural and purely plant-based. Brooklyn Herborium was founded by two Moms who wanted their children to live “chemical-free” lives. Emma Graves an herbalist and Molly Watman a graphic designer, created The Clean & Green Collection for babies, kids, new and expecting moms. Dr. Fedorenko is a clinical herbalist, naturopath, and dermatologist M.D. who recently introduced Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Tick & Mosquito Repellent, which is DEET and alcohol-free, organic certified, and formulated with essential oils.

Expect to see more herbalists become formulators and join the trend of crafting natural beauty formulas to meet consumers’ growing demand for plant-based skincare products for adults, children, and babies.

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