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According to Market Research Future, the caviar market is estimated to reach over $512.3 million by the end of 2030, growing at a CAGR of over 5.98%. TikTok has helped bump caviar usage. As of December 12, 2023, the hashtag #caviartok has garnered 5.8 million views and #caviartiktok had 1.8 million views. Yelp’s 2024 Food & Drink Trends reported searches for caviar were up 31%. Caviar is a posh, on trend ingredient. It appears on menus at bars and restaurants, consumer packaged collaborations, and plant-based alternatives.


Bars such as Martiny’s and Temple Bar in NYC have received a lot of press for their caviar bumps. Like bars, restaurants are adding menu items that highlight caviar. For example, Eddie V’s Prime Seafood restaurant chain added a Petrossian Royal Caviar Double Baked Potato, which features twice-baked potato with 20 grams of Petrossian caviar topped with crème fraîche and a waffle potato chip. RH Champagne & Caviar Bar opened in November 2023 in NYC’s Meatpacking District. In addition to classic caviar and caviar and chips, the menu offers caviar cones, potatoes, rolls, and tartares.


Now brands want in on the caviar action. From potato chips to dessert, brands are collaborating by pairing the hot ingredient with unexpected partners. Pringles and The Caviar Co. partnered on three limited-edition premium packaged potato chips and caviar collections: Crisps and Caviar, Salt Of The Sea, and Smoky Shores. Designed for both “caviar curious” and “caviar connoisseurs,” the collection ranges between $49 to $140. For $298, consumers can get their hands on Petrossian Caviar Mille Crêpes, a collaboration between Lady M and Petrossian. The Petrossian Caviar Mille Crêpes features a three-inch crepes cake with layers of crêpes and caviar-infused pastry cream topped with a lemon dill gelée and adorned with fresh dill sprigs. It is packaged in a custom box with a 50 g tin of Petrossian Caviar, an exclusive caviar key, and a caviar spoon.


Ice cream is a popular format for experimental flavors and ingredients. It’s no surprise that caviar is appearing in ice cream collaborations. Mochidoki teamed up with Pearl Street Caviar on a limited-edition Mochi & Caviar Paring Set, which includes Sweet Cream Mochi Ice Cream, Purple Sweet Potato Mochi Ice Cream, French Blinis, 30 g Siberian Select Caviar, 1 oz Crème Fraîche, caviar opener, pearl spoon, and an insulated Mochidoki tote bag. In Singapore, Caviar Colony X Sunday Folks teamed up on a caviar ice cream made with Russian Hybrid caviar. Sunday Folks’ churned milk ice cream is infused with rosemary, extra virgin olive oil, and Okinawan sea salt with more than 100g of caviar for every liter of ice cream.


And for vegans or vegetarians, there are plant-based caviar options made from a variety of ingredients. For example, Cavi·Art® is made from kelp seaweed and is a plant-based substitute for roe. Similarly, Paramount Caviar offers Seaweed Caviar. Tokyo-based food tech Dr. Foods Inc. is rolling out vegan caviar into the North American market in January.

From menus and collaborations to plant-based substitutes, caviar is a posh, on trend ingredient. Watch as caviar continues to go mainstream and become an accessible little luxury.

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