Fragrance & Flavor Writer

Fragrance and Flavor Writer

Trendincite LLC offers a variety of professional business writing services specifically designed for clients who work within or service the fragrance & flavor industry. From press releases to full service marketing presentations, Trendincite LLC provides effective, valuable custom content. Services include:

Ghost Writing

Trendincite LLC ghost writes and delivers engaging, clear and concise high-quality content for:

  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Websites

Branded Content and Advertorials

Trendincite LLC creates compelling branded content to:

  • Promote specific products or services to engage your target audience
  • Establish industry thought leadership

Internal and External Newsletters and/or Ezines

Trendincite LLC produces quality content for internal and external newsletters and/or ezines used as a marketing or sales tool:

  • Topics are custom written based on client specifications and often highlight marketing trends and product descriptions
  • Content is written monthly, quarterly or annually

Press Releases*

Trendincite LLC designs targeted business to business press releases about industry specific products and services including:

  • Fragrances
  • Flavors
  • Ingredients
  • Applications
  • Technology

*Additional services include custom media pr lists

A food writer, perfume writer and public speaker, Amy Marks-McGee writes the Forward Thinking column in Perfumer & Flavorist magazine and the North American Market: Trends-In-Sight column in Eurocosmetics magazine. The Forward Thinking column explores food and beverage industry trends as well as fragrance industry trends. The Eurocosmetics column focuses on personal care, cosmetics and fragrance marketing trends.

In addition, she contributes articles about fragrance marketing and packaging trends to industry specific trade publications such as GCI. Often quoted as a fragrance & flavor trend expert, her insights appear in magazines such as Newsweek, Cosmetic Business and Beauty Packaging.

When not writing professionally for industry trade publications, Amy Marks-McGee writes Trend Articles, and when inspired, she occasionally writes about personal experiences on her Personal Musings blog.

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