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Sniffapalooza From Luxe Laundry to Tasty Tacos 10/23 (pdf)

Luxury scents move into fabric care, perimenopause and menopause products hit the market, refillable products showcase innovation, and the popularity of tacos spills into breakfast and new taco interpretations.

National Candle Association (NCA) Expo 2023 Sniffing Out Candle & Home Fragrance Trends 4/23 (pdf)

This presentation will focus on candle and home fragrance trends and market activity. It will examine new entrants, collaborations, sustainable innovation, and attention-grabbing packaging.

Flavorcon 2022: In Good Taste, A Flavorful Trend Review 11/22 (pdf)

Food & beverage collaborations, plant-based innovations, functional ingredients, and the influence of video games and the metaverse are a few trends driving food, beverage, and flavor innovation. This presentation focuses on flavored consumer packaged goods and services across market segments such as beverages, snacks, confections, and savory applications.

Sniffapalooza Food & Beverage Inspire Flavors & Scents (pdf)

Food and beverage-inspired fragrances, scented personal care and cosmetics are entertaining. Fun collaborations and innovative applications based on iconic food and beverage brands and flavors are appearing in fine fragrance, personal care, candles and cosmetics.

International Furnishings and Design Association (IFDA) 2021: A Scented Home 11/21 (pdf)

As a result of the pandemic, consumers have become home-centric. From home goods and home renovations to home cooking and comfort foods, home fragrance and self-care are driving air care market activity. This trend presentation focuses on home fragrance trends including candles, air fresheners, and tech driven fragrance devices. In addition, this presentation will briefly review the advantages of each type of home fragrance and tips on where to use.

Flavors & Fragrances Conference 2021: Lifestyle Trends Influencing Flavor & Fragrance Innovation 9/21 (pdf)

Focusing on the parallel relationship between flavor and fragrance, this presentation examines the marketplace and how consumer lifestyle trends are influencing innovation in both industries. Discover how trends such as plant-based ingredients, sustainable materials, probiotic formulas, and AI technology are inspiring new consumer packaged goods.

International Citrus & Beverage Conference (ICBC) 2021: What’s Trending in Beverages? 9/21 (pdf)

Propelled by the pandemic, health and wellness are top of mind for consumers. This quick presentation reviews beverage trends with a focus on functional ingredients and the trend to holistic health.

WFFC Chicago Event August 2021, From Watermelon to Mushrooms:
3 On-Trend Ingredients Inspiring Fragrance & Flavor Innovation

Ingredients are the backbone of the fragrance & flavor industry. Watermelon, Mushrooms, and CBD are driving fragrance and flavor trends on both sides of the industry. This interactive presentation explores the latest market activity in food & beverage as well as beauty & personal care innovations.

NAFFS 2019: On The Go Is Where Food & Beverages Are Going 10/19 (pdf)

From breakfast and dinner to snacks and meal replacement trends, this presentation is a glimpse into convenient food and beverage products and services designed for portability and mobility to address time-crunched consumers’ changing behavior.

Intro To Trendincite LLC, Trend Identification & Inspiration 3/30/19 (pdf)

This presentation is a quick introduction to Trendincite LLC with a brief overview of ingredient trends happening in both fragrance &flavor markets followed by trend identification and new product inspiration. It was presented to students in the Rutgers Business of Fashion M.S. program.

Flavorcon 2018: Food Today – What’s Brewing & Cooking? 11/18 (pdf)

This presentation is a quick peek at existing and emerging trends happening in food and beverages across market segments. It examines food museums, sensory experiences and sensational products. In addition, it explores space as a new frontier, spreadable applications, unexpected flavor crossover and interactive creative packaging.

Sniffapalooza From Cocoa To Scented Cosmetics 10/18 (pdf)

Scratch and sniff technology is having a resurgence, scented cosmetics smell good enough to eat, cocoa and matcha are having a moment and PB&J is being reinvented.

American Association of Candy Technologists (NY/NJ AACT) 3 Trends – Food & Beverage Influence, Candy Culture and Hi-Tech 9/18 (pdf)

As part of the AACT Trends Forum, this short and sweet presentation explored avocados and coffee spilling into chocolate, candy inspired pop-up museums and make up and unique hi-tech confections that focus on multiple touchpoints.

The Importance of Identifying Ingredient Trends: The Flavor & Fragrance Connection 7/18 (pdf)

This presentation focuses on the parallel relationship between flavor and fragrance and how both disciplines influence each other. It will examine the marketplace to identify familiar ingredients such as charcoal and emerging ingredients such as healing crystals used in consumer goods and services across both industries.

Sniffapalooza From Crystals To Sleep 4/18 (pdf)

Products made for women, crystal infused beauty, volcanic ash, collagen and services & products, which aid in sleep are driving fragrance and flavor trends and market activity.

Sniffapalooza From Personalization To Smart Apps 10/17 (pdf)

A variety of applications crossover into multiple categories while personalization, customization and smart apps are appearing in hair care, candles and air care.

NESCC Educational Seminar: Hair Today – What’s happening in Hair Care? 10/17 (pdf)

This presentation focuses on hair care trends and examines a variety of activity in the marketplace such as consumer behavior, interesting brands, ingredients, and technology.

American Association of Candy Technologists (NY/NJ AACT) 3 Trends – Flavor Inspiration, Texture and Crossover/Partnerships 10/17 (pdf)

As part of the AACT Trends Forum, this quick presentation explored three marketplace trends and their influences in confections.

National Candle Association (NCA) Expo 2017 In The Air (pdf)

Pop culture, packaging, alternative applications and technology are driving candle and air care market activity and trends as well as inspiring new olfactive directions, emerging ingredients and package design.

Sniffapalooza From Books to Beets Annual Olfactive Trends Quick Peek 10/16 (pdf)

Consumer knowledge, ingredients, fashion partnerships and luxe laundry services are driving fragrance and flavor trends and activity.

NAFFS Keeping Up With Consumers 10/15 (video)

From healthier lifestyles and dietary restrictions to clean labels and waste management, this presentation is a glimpse into what consumers want and how manufacturers are responding.

To view presentation as a pdf, click here

Cosmopack Exploring Innovations: Ingredients Of The Future panel 9/15 (pdf)

Take a quick glance at fragrance & flavor ingredient trends including natural & organic drivers, food & beverage crossover in consumer packaged goods, the anti-aging market and emerging men’s market as well as new technology that will impact cosmetic formulation.

Sniffapalooza From Cannabis to Charcoal Annual Olfactive Trends Quick Peek 5/15 (pdf)

Food ingredients coupled with technology are influencing multi-sensory fragrance and flavor directions this season.

SFC Emerging Global Trends from a Marketing Perspective 10/14 (video)

Explore emerging global food & beverage trends including sustainable consumption and packaging, insects as food and how technology is affecting consumers’ behavior in developed and developing markets.

To view presentation as a pdf, click here

Sniffapalooza From Beer to Brazil Annual Olfactive Trends Quick Peek 5/14 (pdf)

From Beer to Brazil, take a quick peek at some fun olfactive, multi-sensory, and technology driven fragrance and flavor trends.

MarketingProfs Take 10: Three Ways To Find Creative Inspiration Outside Of Your Office 4/14 (video)

In just 10 minutes, this video tutorial will teach you 1) How to use all five senses to facilitate creativity, 2) Three places to look for inspiration outside the office and 3) How to encourage creative problem solving.

Sniffapalooza Annual Olfactive Trends Quick Peek Part Deux 10/13 (pdf)

Color, ingredients, and technology are the hottest trends influencing multi-sensory fragrance and flavor directions this fall.

Sniffapalooza Annual Olfactive Trends Quick Peek 5/13 (pdf)

From sweet to savory, ingredient food stories are the key fragrance and flavor drivers for the season

HBA Off Site Mini Trend Excursion Apotheke 6/12 (video)

Get a glimpse into an inspirational off site mini-trend excursion where attendees sampled three mouthwatering specialty cocktails featuring unique ingredients, flavors, and textures sourced from local “farm to bar” ingredients.

HBA Everyday Inspiration Meets Fragrance, Flavor & Packaging Design 6/12 (video)

Snippets from interactive presentation, which highlights sources of inspiration for consumer packaged goods and explores the parallel relationship between fragrance and flavor.

To view presentation as a pdf, click here

NAFFS What’s cooking? A bird’s eye view of culinary trends 10/11 (video)

Highlights from culinary fusion of flavors trend presentation, which examines food trucks, molecular gastronomy, sensory dining, foraging, and consumer packaged goods.

To view presentation as a pdf, click here

HBA Global Expo Pattern Recognition 101: The Importance of Identifying Trends 6/11 (video)

This presentation focuses on honeysuckle as a trend and its translation into fashion, accessories, home décor, beauty, and fragranced products.

To view presentation as a pdf, click here

WFFC Woman of the Year 2011 6/11 (video)

Produced by Kirsten Keynes of Johnson & Johnson, this video features a collection of accolades from industry friends and colleagues that was presented to Amy Marks-McGee during the Women in Flavor & Fragrance Commerce “Woman of the Year 2011” award dinner on June 22, 2011.

COLabORate: Color & Design Collaboration – Trend Culture: Color & Design Meets Fragrance & Flavor 5/11 (pdf)

This presentation focuses on the connection between color & design and fragrance & flavor. It explores the parallel relationship between both disciplines and the influence each has on the other. Themes include Zesty Citrus, Feminine Florals, Fruit of the Vine and Into the Woods.

WFFC Trend Excursion 6/10 (video)

Clips from the 3rd annual WFFC Trend Excursion with visits to a neighborhood green bakery, a natural market, a dark chocolate shop, and lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant.

Direction by Indigo Everyday Inspiration – Making The Ordinary Extraordinary. A Fresh Approach To Innovation – Looking Outside The Fashion Industry For New Product Ideas 8/09 (pdf)

This presentation examines a variety of lifestyle trends such as travel and entertainment and common products that range from beauty to household in response to these trends. These everyday products can act as source of inspiration and are ripe to be applied to the fashion industry.

Society of Flavor Chemists – The Fragrance and Flavor Connection 2/08 (pdf)

Focusing on the parallel relationship between fragrance and flavor, this presentation examines the marketplace to identify common and emerging ingredients used in consumer goods across both industries. Multi-sensorial relationships and the crossover activity in the nutraceuticals/ functional foods arena are also explored.

Fashion News Workshop – Green meets fashion, fragrance, and food 10/07 (pdf)

This presentation focuses on the green movement and its translation into fashion, beauty, food, and design.

Fashion News Workshop – The Fashion and Fragrance Connection 4/07 (pdf)

This interactive presentation exemplifies the fragrance & flavor connection and includes smelling scented market products and custom designed futuristic fragrance accords.

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