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Trendincite LLC’s capabilities include both primary and secondary market research for the fragrance, food and beverage industry.

For fragrance & flavor suppliers and consumer packaged goods companies, Trendincite LLC offers fragrance market research as well as food and beverage research. To help clients gain consumer insights and identify emerging consumer packaged goods trends, Trendincite LLC also provides fragrance market analysis and beverage industry analysis.

Primary Market Research

Using primary research to identify directional consumer insights and new product opportunities, Trendincite LLC partners with recognized qualitative and quantitative market research firms to design, manage and analyze custom:

  • Fragrance market research
  • Food and beverage research

Services include:

  • Market research liaison
  • Screener design
  • Questionnaire and survey design
  • Online surveys
  • Mall intercept studies
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Report writing
  • Presentation design

Secondary Market Research

Trendincite LLC examines secondary fragrance market research and food and beverage research data to create in-depth market research reports, presentations and articles on a variety of consumer packaged goods topics.

Curated Lists

Trendincite LLC researches and creates curated neighborhood lists of intriguing and authentic stores and restaurants, which each offer something unique. Whether it’s a specialized ingredient, a customized experience, an innovative package, or a novel marketing concept – each is inspirational.

These curated lists are good for those that have a hard time leaving the office, are time crunched and can’t attend a custom trend excursion or prefer to Do-It-Yourself. Curated lists can be used to:

  • Entertain clients to differentiate your company from your competitors
  • Inspire internal creativity and create excitement to break out of the same routine
  • Validate trends with current examples and show your clients you are on trend

Curated SOHO, EAST VILLAGE and WEST VILLAGE lists available.

Trendincite LLC’s primary and secondary market research capabilities help fragrance, food and beverage industry clients:

  • Gain access to consumer feedback
  • Gather valuable insight into consumer opinions, preferences and trends
  • Discover what products and services consumers are using, eating and drinking
  • Ascertain consumer interest in new trends and new fragrance, food and beverage product offerings
  • Recognize trends early to be proactive instead of reactive to the changing consumer
  • Anticipate consumer needs to develop better products
  • Inspire new fragrance, food and beverage product ideas



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“Amy has that rare combination of a very logical and detail oriented, yet highly creative mind. She has used her expertise in fragrance trends, descriptive analysis and consumer empathy to significantly raise the level of insight we achieve through consumer testing… I highly and without hesitation recommend Amy for high visibility projects that require consumer trend insight, forward ‘out of the box’ thinking or creativity.”