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The Global Air Freshener Market is expected to reach $11.04 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 2.8% during the forecast period 2015-2020, according to Allied Market Research. According to data from Information Resources Inc. (IRI), total US Air freshener sales rose 3.2% to $2.7 billion in multi-outlet (supermarkets, drugstores, mass-market retailers, military commissaries and select club and dollar retail chains) for the 52 weeks ending June 12, 2016. The latest activity in the air freshener market is the emergence of toilet bowl air fresheners that are specifically formulated for toilets to quell the bathroom smell.

Take the Plunge: Poo–Pourri was a pioneer in the toilet air fresheners segment within the air freshener market. The brand was introduced in 2007 and in 2013 became known for its cheeky online commercial. Since 2007, 17 million bottles of Poo-Pourri have been sold and annual sales are $30 million. This summer, Ship Happens debuted, which is a blend of coconut freesia and citrus essential oils. The brand’s newest scent, Smoky Woods is described as “a refreshing blend of cedar, hickory and citrus natural essential oils.” In addition, the brand launched Glitzy Spritz Refillable Sprayer in Rose Gold.

Kitsch Potty Humor: Blue Q offers a variety of kitsch lavatory mists in silly names such as Fifty Shades of Brown and Jack The Ripper. Brave Fart with cedarwood and mandarin launched this year and the unicorn trend inspired Blue Q’s new Shitting Glitter Magical Unicorn Lavatory Mist with lavender and basil. Similarly, Squatty Potty is a line of Unicorn Gold “before-you-squat” poo sprays, which use gold nanoparticles. Squatty Potty Unicorn Gold is offered is five scents: Citrus Squeeze – Orange & Lemon; Fruity Booty – Cherry & Mixed Berry; Mystic Forest – Bergamot & Bay Leaf; Pinch of Vanilla – Vanilla & Tonka Bean; and Tropical Dropsicle – Coconut & Magnolia. Pottymints are a dissolvable air freshener tablet, designed to be dropped into a toilet bowl after flushing. It comes in Arancia di Capri that is described as “a sensual scent” that combines fresh citrus notes of nectarine and orange blossom with hints of water lily and caramel and La Fleur, a modern, sophisticated floral with notes of citrus, jasmine, honeysuckle and sandalwood. Air Wick’s V.I.Poo is the newest mass entrant. With a “before you go” tagline, V.I. Poo is offered in four scents: Fruity Pin-Up, Rosy Starlet, Lavender Superstar and Lemon Idol.

Down Under: Aesop, the Australian skin care brand, has introduced the Post-Poo Drops, which are self-described as “a botanical bathroom deodorizer that effectively neutralizes disagreeable smells with crisp notes of citrus peel and discreet florals.” Consumers are instructed to dispense a drop into the toilet bowl after flushing and use additional drops in the sink to diffuse the scent. Australian brand Mask formulates its Premium Bathroom Sprays with essential oils. With a “Spray it first. Mask the worst” slogan, the brand offers seven scents such as Coconut Lime, Moroccan Rose and Teakwood Tobacco.

DIY: For the DIY crowd, there are a variety of home recipes. Some consumers use coffee grounds to soak up the odor and neutralize the smell while others use various combinations of water, baking soda, citric acid and essential oils to create their own bathroom deodorizers.

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