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Read Amy Marks-McGee’s Perfumer & Flavorist column, which focuses on the parallel relationship between fragrances and flavors.

P&F Latest Developments In Home Care and Laundry November 2023
Sophisticated scents and iconic scents outside of the home care category are spilling into cleaning products, dish care and fabric care.
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P&F 5 Trends Shaping the Bath & Body Care Industry October 2023
Scent experiences, line extensions, collaborations, body sprays, and hand care are leading the way in bath and body care innovation.
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P&F 6 Trends and Innovations in Ambient Scent September 2023
Italy, and summer scents are popular home fragrance themes while collaborations, sustainable candles and air care innovations continue.
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P&F Lip-smacking Snacks November 2022
Spicy flavors, new formats and flavorful collaborations are driving innovation in the snack aisle.
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P&F Women’s Wellness August 2022
The latest launches in women’s wellness products designed to meet specific issues and fluctuating needs
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P&F Three Fine Fragrance Trends on the Radar June 2022
Mood-boosting aromas, better-for-you and better-for-the planet fragrances and celebrity scents drive 2022 fine fragrance trends
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P&F Snack Down November 2021
Spicy and food-inspired flavors, as well as vegetable-based snacks, are driving snack activity, while popcorn gets an upgrade
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P&F Forward Thinking: Candle Scent Trends & Seasonal Staples September 2021
This month’s column digs into recent scent trends and collaborations in the growing candle industry.
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P&F Functional Food & Beverage Developments August 2021
Collagen, mushrooms and plant-based formulas are fueling functional food and beverage innovation
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P&F Fine Fragrance Trends Driving The Industry May 2021
Highlighting four current trends guiding fine fragrance innovation.
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P&F Clean Beauty In The Time Of Covid-19 April 2021
Natural skin care products to address COVID-induced concerns like maskne, blue light protection and hand care
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P&F 3 Beverage Trends for 2021 and Beyond February 2021
Rapidly diversifying coffee iterations, emerging plant-based milks and immune-boosting drinks lead innovation opportunities for the new normal.
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P&F Sweet As Sugar October 2020
Chocolate innovation is being driven by limited-edition flavors, plant-based formulas, and chocolate experiences while non-chocolate candy activity is being led by a variety of unique texture and flavor combinations and new food and beverage applications inspired by candy flavors.
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P&F A Scented Home September 2020
Candles indicative of the current times, ethereal concepts, outdoor-inspired fragrances, fast-food scents, environmentally conscious products and smart diffusive technology are driving air care innovation.
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P&F The Wellness Economy August 2020
The wellness economy is being driven by self-care and CBD infused beauty, natural ingredients, waterless formulas and eco-friendly packaging.
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P&F Fragrances March On May 2020
Personalized retail experiences, rejuvenated department stores, celebrity scents, designer releases, limited-edition spoof scents and sustainable fragrances are driving fine fragrance innovation.
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P&F Beverage Buzz February 2020
Market activity is being driven by ready-to-drink coffee, hard coffee, chocolate profiles, cbd-infused and functional beverages as well as smaller format Quick Service Restaurants and consumer experiences.
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P&F Top Dawg November 2019
The humanization of pet care is a driving force behind pet food innovation, with an emphasis on dogs.
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P&F Snack On September 2019
Consumers are snacking at all times of the day and looking for a variety of products to meet their lifestyle needs. Brands and manufacturers are capitalizing on this trend and meeting their evolving demands by offering a selection of bold, culinary-inspired flavors and a variety of bases such as meat, poultry, and fish as well as alternative plant-based ingredients and healthier preparation methods.
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P&F The Food & Beverage Industry Gets Lit August 2019
Consumers’ growing demand and interest in the rapidly evolving cannabis industry are giving rise to new CBD-infused food and beverages as well as cannabis focused retail, foodservice and hospitality industries.
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P&F Fragrances Spring Forward Part 1 May 2019
Current fine fragrance activity is being driven by experiential retailers, custom fragrance technology, natural fragrances, gender-fluid launches, hero ingredients, eye-catching packaging, book releases and beverages using scents to enhance the olfactory experience.
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P&F Fragrances Enhanced Scent Experiences Part 2 May 2019
Part 2 explores new entries into the fragrance category with an emphasis on natural ingredients, multisensory experiences and more.
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P&F Haste Makes Waste April 2019
Consumers’ growing concerns, sustainably sourced ingredients, water reduction, green packaging, recycling and upcycling are all driving sustainable innovation in consumer packaged goods.
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P&F Sweet Talk October 2018
Chocolate and candy innovation is being driven by global flavor inspiration from food and beverage trends, interactive chocolate and candy experiences, new distribution channels, customized and better-for-you candy, as well as functional ingredients and new technology.

P&F Hair Flair, Fragrance and Care August 2018
Hair colorants and customized hair products are gaining mass appeal as consumers embrace individu­ality, while innovative hair care applications inspired by skin care such as masks, scrubs, wipes and micellar water formulas are offering new spaces for fragrance, while attracting consumers looking for holistic products. Consumers’ quest for natural hair care continues, while targeted male hair care and products that address thinning hair and loss are driving new launches.

P&F Fierce Fragrances May 2018
Fine fragrance activity is being driven by new entrants, fashion designers, pop culture icons and entertainers and wearable scents. Novel packaging, fragrance focused retailers and interactive scent experiences continue to attract consumers.

P&F The Natural Evolution April 2018
Scrutinizing labels is the new norm. Consumers continue to be increasingly selective about the ingredients that they will use in their products. This has led to many innovations in natural skincare, deodorant, hair care and fine fragrance products.

P&F Scented Air February 2018
Fragrances are becoming more sophisticated across aircare and candle categories as new product launches are featuring multi-layering and scent control

P&F Generation M – A Halal Lifestyle November 2017
With the growing population of Muslim millennials, halal food, beverage and beauty are emerging and have considerable potential for F&F suppliers and consumer goods manufacturers.

P&F Plant Power October 2017
The plant-based market is thriving and growing with activity coming from a shift in consumers’ attitudes and behavior, dairy alternatives such as milk, yogurt and ice cream, nutrition and performance products, meat alternatives and plant-based company acquisitions.

P&F A Sustainable Future August 2017
Recycled plastic technologies and programs, eco-friendly fashion, environmentally conscious laundry products, sustainably sourced ingredients and byproducts created from waste are just a few of the many current sustainable initiatives

P&F Fragrances of the Moment June 2017
Fine fragrance continues to be a competitive landscape, with a plethora of fragrance applications and choices across all distributions. With a myriad of options, consumers are no longer confined to fine fragrance for a memorable fragrance experience.

P&F By Nature April 2017
As natural continues to evolve in F&F retail, products are seeing more transparent labels and innovative formulations using natural ingredients designed to nurture and inspire consumers to pursue healthier lives.

P&F Water Works March 2017
From fizzy alcoholic drinks to crystal-infused water, new flavors and functional ingredients, Earth’s natural resource is offering more than just hydration.

P&F Waste Not, Want Not October 2016
Food waste initiatives, consumers’ behavior, zero-waste grocers and restaurants and the sale of “ugly” produce are driving food waste management and reduction.

P&F Sensory Sensations August 2016
New and interesting sensory concepts, products and restaurants continue to be introduced, such as flavor-enhanced products, mashups, edible nail polish, lifestyle destinations, scented spaces and immersive experiences.

P&F Indian Sandalwood Returns to the Perfumer’s Palette August 2016
Industry perfumers muse about the rare Indian sandalwood’s (Santalum album) earthy and complex notes sought after in fine fragrance formulations.

P&F Fragrance Frenzy June 2016
Vying for consumers, fine fragrance market activity is being driven by genderless fragrance directions, fragrance books, attention grabbing packaging, store experiences, sampling and technology.

P&F Health & Wellness Reboot April 2016
From plant-based cheeseburgers to cleaner beauty to wellness services, F&F products continue evolving to fit the health and wellness market and address changing consumer demands.

P&F Inside F&F’s Hottest Emerging Market February 2016
Africa is a diverse and culturally rich continent presenting a wide variety of market opportunities and ingredients for the fragrance and flavor industry.

P&F Liquid Assets Part 2 November 2015
Alcoholic flavor trends in the beverage industry are being led by craft beer, hard cider, cocktail mixers, craft cocktails and flavored whiskey. Packaging, interactive billboards and new regulations are impacting new product development.

P&F Liquid Assets Part 1 October 2015
Top trends in the flavor and beverage industry. Market activity is being driven by bottled water, artisanal sodas, fortified protein beverages, tea, matcha and cold brew coffee.

P&F Savor the Flavor August 2015
Fermented, pickled and smoked are the latest techniques influencing savory flavor directions, while cannabis cuisine is just emerging.

P&F In The Air December 2014
Innovation in seasonal and nature-inspired fragrances, surprise candles and technology that emits scents drive air care launches.

P&F Milking It August 2014
Manufacturers find new ways to grab consumers using innovative flavors in dairy and more.

P&F Mint Condition December 2013
The flavor staple for toothpaste and chewing gum continues to emerge in the marketplace.

P&F Crafting Beauty with Nature’s Resources October 2013
Demand continues to increase for natural products in fine fragrance and skincare.

P&F Enchanted By Vanilla August 2013
Consumers still have a sweet spot for this tried-and-true flavor and fragrance.

P&F Citrus in the Limelight April 2013
Citrus’ refreshing effervescence is still appealing to palettes.

P&F Health Matters March 2013
Innovation in cold-pressed juices, healthful teas, water enhancers and gluten-free products drive the health and wellness trend.

P&F Sweet on Vanilla November 2012
Vanilla has warmed its way into flavorists’ and perfumers’ palettes as a classic, yet on-trend ingredient

P&F Sustain to Gain July 2012
Flavor and fragrance are in good company among industries turning an eye to eco-friendliness

P&F A Wealth of Health April 2012
The health and wellness trend spurs food and flavor innovation

P&F It’s Mint to Be March 2012
Mint helps to breathe freshness and coolness into a variety of flavor and fragrance applications

P&F A Note on Fragrance, A Feminine Point of View January 2012
A focus on rose, love, life and gold carry feminine fine fragrance trends

P&F Au Naturel October 2011
From botanical beauty products to raw, vegan fast food drive-thrus, natural and organic trends are affecting fragrances and flavors

P&F You Are What You Eat August 2011
Promising culinary ingredients with beneficial health properties emerge as key components in flavored and fragranced products

P&F Beauty Inside and Out April 2011
Health and wellness applications take center stage

P&F It’s Citrus March 2011
From standbys lemon, lime and orange to yuzu, bergamot and blood orange, citrus remains one of the most vital elements adding zest to the flavor and fragrance market

P&F Aloe and Agave Redefined November 2010
From tissues to detergents to cocktails and beyond, new applications breed new sensory experiences with healthy positioning.

P&F Turmeric, an Emerging Ingredient September 2010
Novel applications from beverages to personal care.

P&F Fruit of the Vine June 2010
Wine and grape seed extracts will continue to be explored for their health properties as new delivery systems and alternative market segments are concurrently developed, creating opportunities for both the flavor and the fragrance industries.

P&F Get Your Vitamins March 2010
Health benefits where you least expect them.

P&F Bring Home the Bacon January 2010
From cocktails to candy to candles, bacon flavor and aroma offers opportunities for innovation.

P&F Fountain of Youth 2.0 November 2009
Sprayable, drinkable and wearable antiaging solutions at the frontier of product development.

P&F 2009 and Beyond January 2009
Consolidation, core lists, raw materials, the economy, growing customer demands, all things green, and functional flavors and fragrance.

P&F 3 Key Trends for 2009 January 2009
Products and services that are multisensorial, green, or functional are going to shape the fragrance and flavor industry in 2009 and beyond.