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It is said that Americans consume more than 2.5 billion pounds of pickles each year, which is the equivalent of 20 billion pickles. Pickles are a popular summer flavor appearing in unusual limited snacks and beverages.

For a limited time, this summer, Ruffles launched a Spicy Dill Pickle flavor, which is described as “a fiery kick to the classic pickle taste fans know and love.” Opopop dropped Pickle Monster popcorn as a limited-edition flavor that “blends together tartness, salt, and dill.” Grillo’s Pickles has partnered with Utz Brands on the limited-edition Grillo’s & Utz Dill Pickle flavored potato chips with a fresh, crispy, salty, and dill pickle flavor. In addition, Grillo’s Pickles has collaborated with Ithaca Hummus. The Ithaca Hummus x Grillo’s Pickles highlights a nine-ingredient pickle hummus using all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. In November, J.P. Licks and Grillo’s Pickles partnered on a limited-edition ice cream flavor that is described as “sweet and savory with a hint of dill and a bite of vinegar in every spoonful.” Wenzel’s Farm debuted Dill Pickle-Flavored Meat Sticks, which have no MSG or artificial colors, and are certified gluten-free. Hungry Howie’s, known for their Flavored Crust Pizzas, has added a Dill Pickle Flavored Crust, which features the brand’s signature pizza crust with a “savory, smokey, briny, creamy, sweet and tangy dill pickle flavor.” In June, Mountain Dew offered fans the chance to sample six never-released test flavors at the MTN DEW Outpost in Tennessee. Dill Pickle Mountain Dew was one of the six flavors. Originally introduced in 2018, Sonic Drive-In brought back its Pickle Juice Slush for a limited time in August. “The fluorescent green beverage combines the saltiness of a dill pickle with sweet and tart flavors.” Perry’s Bakery in Westport, MA is known for their “Koolickles,” (a portmanteau for the words Kool-Aid and Pickles). The Koolickles are available in Cherry, Blue Raspberry Lemonade, Sugar-Free Pink Lemonade, and Sugar-Free Orange flavors. Orange and Pink Lemonade are the two most popular flavors. Las Vegas Creamberry offers a Cotton Candy Pickle Burrito, which highlights a dill pickle, frozen mango chunks, and Tajin seasoning wrapped in cotton candy. And for those that love the smell of pickles, Vlasic has teamed up with Candier by Ryan Porter to create a limited-edition candle that looks and smells like a classic jar of Vlasic pickles.

What other food and beverages will pickle flavors appear in?

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