Personal Experiences

Welcome to my Personal Musings, an informal place to share my personal experiences! When not writing professionally, this is a place for me to write in first person.

Lo Tech laptop

Lo Tech Reflections

It’s a year to date since I created my TrendIncite Xchange blog with my Personal Musings and I thought I should reflect. In my very

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Caucasian woman lying on bed getting a massage

Kneading A Massage

I recently had my year-end, long overdue massage at East Side Massage. I know some individuals who don’t like massages because they feel uncomfortable and

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A quiet street in the French Quarter, New Orleans

Who Dat? New Orleans Style

I was invited to a high school friend’s wedding in the French Quarter, New Orleans last weekend.  When my husband agreed to watch the kids for the

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Red and white sticker with a nose illustration and a red line through it on a pole

The Scent of a Memory

I’ve been in the fragrance and flavor industry for twenty years, the last seven years as the founder of Trendincite LLC, and I’ve yet to

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Close up black cloth material

The Color Black Is Still Black

When you ask my kids, “What’s mommy’s favorite color?” without hesitation they will answer “black.” Perhaps growing up in NYC is where I learned to

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