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Cosmetic brands are teaming up with food and beverage brands on fun, limited-edition collaborations and many are scented. The creative color palettes, naming conventions, and packaging all reflect both brands’ personalities. Scented Cosmetics and nail care are not new, but they are entertaining and we are seeing more collaborations based on iconic food and beverage brands. These scented cosmetics smell good enough you want to eat or at least good enough to collect.

Food & Beverage Inspired Make Up

From sweet to savory food and beverages, E.L.F. Cosmetics and HipDot are creating partnerships with popular consumer packaged goods and quick service restaurants. In May, Los Angeles-based beauty brand HipDot teamed up with Girl Scouts. The HipDot x Girl Scouts limited-edition line includes scented cosmetics: Coconut Caramel Palette (coconut caramel scent), Thin Mints Palette (mint chocolate scent) eyeshadows, Lemon, Coconut Caramel, and Thin Mints Lipsticks, two custom-designed eye brushes, and a collector’s box. HipDot also partnered with Cup Noodles on the HipDot x Cup Noodles collection. The line includes eyeshadow, lip and cheek tint, and a special collectors’ box. Last year, the brand teamed with Reese’s. The limited-edition HipDot x Reese’s collection featured six products: Milk Chocolate eyeshadow palette and White Chocolate eyeshadow palette, two scented lip balms (milk chocolate and peanut butter), and two makeup brushes. Dunkin and E.L.F. cosmetics collaborate on a cosmetics line that is an array of donut and coffee-inspired shades, shapes, textures, and scents. The E.L.F. x Dunkin’ limited-edition makeup collection includes: The Dunkin’ Dozen (12 shades of pigmented eyeshadows such as Boston Kreme, Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles, and Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles), donut scented Donut Forget Putty Primer and Glazed for Days Lip Gloss Set, and Dunkin’ Coffee scented Coffee Lip Scrub, and Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles Face Sponge. Last year, Chipotle and E.L.F. partnered on the E.L.F. x Chipotle range. The QSR-inspired palettes included Green Salsa, Pinto Beans, Fajitas, and Black Beans eye shadow colors as well as Make it Hot lip gloss, Extra Guac face sponge and Extra Chips face makeup bag.

Food & Beverage Inspired Nail Care

Magnum ice cream and Nails INC collaborate on the Magnum Ice Cream x Nails INC scented nail polish line inspired by the new duet bars. The nail polish is offered in three scents: Almond, Chocolate, and Cookie Duet. Nails INC x Velveeta collaboration launch That’s La Dolce Velveeta cheese scented nail polish duo. The La Dolce Velveeta “is the unmistakable orange-leaning yellow of Velveeta, while Finger Food is a red hue not unlike the brand’s logo. Both mind-blowingly smell like cheese.” For the spring Sally Hansen and Peeps collaborated on the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri x Peeps collection in fun shades such as Peeps Blue, Peeps Fruit Punch, Peeps Lavender, Peeps Pink, Peeps Sparkly Wild, and Peeps Yellow. At the beginning of the year, ManiMe and Coca-Cola partnered on a collection of six unique nail art designs that are inspired by Coca-Cola’s signature imagery. The Coca-Cola x ManiMe limited-edition collection of custom-fit gel manicures features Coca-Cola’s recognizable red, white, and black colors as well as its script font and Coca-Cola spelled out in different languages.

It will be interesting to see new scented cosmetics with iconic food and beverage collaborations and the creative interpretations of these products.

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