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Clinical strength and doctor-developed products driven by technology and ingredients are the latest craze. High-end skin care, antiperspirant/deodorants, children’s products, and ready-to-drink beverages are a few recent product examples.

Need a lift? High-end facial products designed by dermatologists are in vogue and there are a plethora of products to choose from. Doctor-developed treatments used in office visits are making their way into home use products. For example, Patricia Wexler MD offers a myriad of skin care products that combine “cutting edge technology, great results, and easy accessibility.” Dr. Brandt® Skincare is based on “the combination of science with eastern botanicals” and MD Skincare by Dr. Dennis Gross “combines the best of what nature and science have to offer.” Perricone MD “integrates natural health with beautiful skin through effective topical skin care regimens and targeted supplements.”

Sweating it out? Antiperspirant/deodorant manufacturers are translating this trend into “clinical” products with claims such as “prescription strength wetness protection.” Procter & Gamble features Secret and Gillette Clinical Strength and Old  Spice Pro Strength. Unilever’s brands,  DegreeDove,  and Suave are all available in Clinical Protection and Colgate-Palmolive offers Lady Speed Stick Clinical Proof. If dry skin is the problem, Vaseline has Rescue Clinical Therapy Protectant Body Lotion in two variants.

Got kids? MD Moms’ Baby Silk personal care line was created by Dr. Diane Truong and Dr. JJ Levenstein, two pediatricians who are also mothers. Dr. Jason and Annette Rubin designed Belli skin care, a line of teratology (the study of abnormal development and birth defects) screened products for expectant mothers. Dr. Jonathan Korn and Dr. Grace Lo, a husband and wife who are both Dentists, developed Tooth Tissues, “disposable textured dental wipes” for babies and toddlers.

Need a pick me up? Dr. Andrew Weil and ITO EN collaborated and offer a line of healthful teas. Function Drinks was founded by Dr. Alex Hughes (an orthopedic surgeon), Josh Simon, and Dayton Miller. Each drink is designed with “eight relevant functionalities with concrete and proven results.”

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