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The food and beverage marketplace is crowded and manufacturers and consumers alike are looking for unique food and beverages.  Artisan ice creams, designer packaging, and added functional benefits are a few examples of how companies are engaging consumers’ and getting their attention in store aisles.

We all scream for ice cream: Artisan ice cream and popsicles featuring unusual flavors are popping up. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck offers small batch ice cream using organic and locally sourced ingredients such as Giandujia (Michel Cluizel chocolate and Piedmont Hazelnuts). LocoPops has a Mexican flair with dairy based and water based popsicles including authentic flavors like Mexican Chocolate and Cherry Hibiscus. Wise Acre features five “squeezable fat-free frozen treats” such as Frostea Yerba Mate. Rustico restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia is known for its infamous Hopsicle, “frozen beer on a stick.” Pickle Sickle, a frozen treat made from pickle brine, is marketed to kids. Want to make your own ice cream? Try the Uco Play and Freeze Ice Cream  Ball – just add your ingredients,  play a  game of kickball with your friends, and after your game enjoy your homemade ice cream.

Designer drinks are in vogue: Fashion designers are collaborating with food and beverage manufacturers to create stylish packaging. Using his signature animal spots and stripes, Robert Cavalli designed a line of limited edition Diet Coke bottles. Converse and Pepsi teamed up and created 12 limited edition sneaker cell phone charms packaged with a can of soda. Christian Audigier launched The Cool Wine line in five flavors. The bottles, like his fashion designs, feature his recognizable Ed Hardy style. Karim Rashid, the edgy industrial designer, developed the Veuve Cliquot Globalight, a limited edition Rose champagne holder. The holder creates a pink glow and keeps the champagne chilled for two hours.

We are what we eat: “Nutraceuticals” and “Nutricosmetics” are the craze; functional food and beverage products that promote beauty from within continue to emerge. Is your skin thirsty? Nestle just launched Glowelle, a  beauty drink that “fights the signs of aging by nourishing your skin from within.” Crave chocolate? Dove Beautiful features “smooth milk chocolate with healthful ingredients like skin-nourishing vitamins C & E, Biotin, and Zinc, plus the natural goodness of cocoa flavanols to help hydrate from within.” Looking for an appetite suppressant? Slim Shots is “a sugar free appetite suppressant” that one can drink alone, mix with coffee, or put in cereal. Need to freshen your breath? Swallow an EatWhatever jelly, then suck on an EatWhatever mint, and voila, your bad breath is gone.

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