Old clear and amber apothecary jars on three shelves for a health and wellness article about apothecary themed products


Apothecary – “a place for the art, practice, or profession of preparing, preserving, compounding, and dispensing medical herbs, elixirs, and potions” and/or “a pharmacy or drugstore” is making a return. Bars, personal care products, and accessories using the apothecary theme are gaining popularity.

Rx Drink? Apothecary bar + lounge in Philadelphia and Apotheke bar in New York City take this theme seriously from their aesthetics to their offerings. Both offer a myriad of cocktails using a variety of house-made elixirs, infused liquors, fresh fruits, herbs, and spices. Themes for drinks range from health & beauty such as Apotheke’s Sparkling Star with “fresh muddled star fruit, fresh aloe vera, vodka, Elixir #5 and champagne” to pain killers like Apothecary’s Tippling Bros. Magical Pain Extractor, “A curative concoction for the battered and bruised which, contains Averna Sicilian Amaro, Q Tonic, fresh mint, rosemary, cayenne extract, and bitter apple foam.”

What’s old is new again. Popular personal care brands such as C.O. Bigelow (1841), Kiehl’s (1851), and J.R. Watkins (1868) have been around for over 100 years. Their signature products are based on natural apothecary using quality ingredients such as herbs, fruits, flowers, and spices. The packaging of each of these brands has an old school feel. Even in today’s saturated market with its fierce competition, these brands remain.

Looking to redecorate? The retro apothecary style is being interpreted into home decor through bathroom accessories and furniture. Home stores such as Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, and Target offer apothecary inspired bathroom accessories. Pottery Barn features a black and white porcelain line, Target carries glass jars, and Restoration Hardware offers a range of metal containers. Pottery Barn and Target also have a selection of apothecary-style furniture with the signature small drawers/cabinets.

Just what the Dr. ordered… a Trendincite customized trend excursion to relieve your stress and inspire new product ideas.

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