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Entertainment based on vampires, products incorporating the word “blood,” and products based on consumers’ blood types are gaining popularity. Movies, books, and websites based on vampires, blood vessel dilating technology, blood type profiling, and blood orange variants in consumer packaged goods are a few recent examples.

Apparently, vampires never go out of style. From vampire movies such as Twilight, based on Stephanie Meyer’s books, to HBO’s show True Blood, to Catherine Karp’s Suburban Vampire blog the general public is obsessed and can’t seem to get enough. These vampire movies have even influenced fashion…look at Wildfox Couture’s Love Bites collection.

Are fat lips more appealing than vampires? Check out lip plumpers using blood vessel dilating technology. Examples include: The Balm “formulated with a special combination of folic acid, menthol, and vitamin C, to increase blood flow to the lips,” Too Faced Lip Injection “a patented formula based on medically-proven blood vessel dilating technology,” and Urban Decay Big Fatty Lip Plumper “created with African  chili,  jasmine, and hyacinth, to dilate blood vessels, which increases circulation and blood flow to the lips.”

Is your blood type A, B, AB, or O? Visit Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s website that features vitamins, supplements, and food products based on consumers’ “biochemical individuality.” Dr. Peter D’Adamo is best known for “The Blood Type diet” and offers products such as Sip Right 4 Your Type Tea and the UniBar, “an energizing snack designed for all blood types-including secretor and nonsecretor.” It is available in two flavors – Chocolate Cherry and Blueberry Almond, with “14-15 grams of blood-type friendly protein.” Think this is a US phenomenon? Think again. Ketsuekigata is a Japanese blood type profiling lifestyle.” Like a horoscope, Ketsuekigata is associated with specific character traits and behaviors based on an individual’s blood type. Diets and exercise programs are designed to help individuals live a healthy lifestyle. In Thailand, The Union Frozen Products Company created a line of prepared meals specifically formulated for Thai consumers’ blood types A, B, AB, and O.

Too dark for you? Blood Orange is the fragrance and flavor industry’s interpretation of this trend. In beauty, Bliss offers a Blood Orange + White Pepper range available in bath &  shower gel,  body butter,  and sugar scrub while Pacifica features a Tuscan Blood Orange line in a body butter, candle, and solid perfume. In flavor, it’s Blood Orange drinks. Rubyy Blood Orange Energy drink, Italian Organics’ (IO)  Organic Sicilian Blood Orange Juice and Deluxe Honeydrop’s Bee Alive juice and tea are a few illustrations.

If this isn’t enough, you can always fall back on Etat Libre d’Orange’s Magnificent Secretions fragrance, which claims to blend “the aroma of blood, sweat, sperm, saliva, myrrh, and bergamot.”

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