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Ahh bed…if life were perfect, we would all sleep through the night and get a full eight hours. As we know, life isn’t perfect and many of us do not get enough sleep. That’s why marketers, researchers, and manufacturers alike are focusing on sleep products and services designed to help us sleep better and get a good’s night rest. Of course, you can take a prescribed sleeping pill, but then again you might get caught “sleep driving.” Why not try L-Tryptophan, a natural supplement designed to produce serotonin and aid in sleep. If you prefer technology, try listening to Bedtime Beats, a remixed classical music CD designed by scientists at Case Western Reserve University. If you want your own personal CD, visit a Brain Music Therapy Center where your brain waves will be recorded and translated into your own musical melody. If a CD isn’t high tech enough, perhaps the Zyken Nightcove, an interactive and programmable device that combines sound and light to help you sleep better, would be best for you. If you need to get some zzz’s and you don’t have time to go home, stop by Yelo, a nap center, and catch a twenty-to-forty minute power nap. If all else fails and you need a place to nap other than your desk, just ask your boss to purchase the EnergyPod™, a self- contained sleeping unit by MetroNap.

Sleep products and services are here to stay and will continue to be an area of interest.

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