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Our society is bombarded with information and stimuli; there are so many choices of products and services. To differentiate from other brands, manufacturers are making their products and services multi-sensorial. Through multi-sensory technology consumers are able to experience, smell, and/or taste products before purchase. Innovative technology such as individual scent packs, scented and flavored print media, and inviting aromatic environments are engaging consumers and creating personal and emotional relationships.

Searching for a new perfume? Intelli-Scents LLC offers the Demo Scenter “a display that features ScentPaks customized with individual fragrances tethered to a unit with a retractable spring cord.” So next time you visit Target, sample Coty’s fragrance collection.

Smelled a newspaper or magazine recently? Thanks to scented ink technology from Flint Group and Scentisphere’s Rub’nSmell technology, consumers can have a sensory experience with products and entertainment. Using Flint’s technology, the Los Angeles Times ran an ad for “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium” movie that smelled of frosted cake. Kraft Foods advertised its Chips Ahoy® and Philadelphia Cream Cheese® brands in People magazine using the Rub’nSmell technology.

Prefer to taste? First Flavor created an FDA approved Peel ‘n Taste® strip, which is a “non-caloric, thin tamper-evident pouch with a nonalcoholic, dissolving taste strip.” To promote the “Cane” TV series, CBS ran a print ad in Rolling Stone magazine that highlighted Rum Mojito flavored taste strips.

Want to get away? The Omni Hotel in Atlanta might lure you in with the lemongrass and green tea scent that is infused in their hotel lobby. Need a pick me up instead? The wafting aroma of “mochaccino” emitted from their coffee shop next door may grab your attention. Both Omni locations feature aroma-blowing devices from ScentAir. Time to redecorate in lieu of a vacation? Flavor Paper, a line of Scratch and Sniff wallpaper,  features the  Fruit Cocktail Collection in Bananas, Cherry Forever, and Tutti Frutti. Rather surf the Internet at home? For $17.95 a  month, ScentTV.tv’s ScentDome™ can transmit aromas in conjunction with your computer. Now your online experiences such as movies, games, music videos, personal pages, and blogs can be scented.

Are these products and services too mainstream? Try a Shift black cherry, bubblegum or lime scented bowling ball from Storm Products or purchase lavender, orange or jasmine scented car tires from Kumho Tire Co. Ltd. Watch as technology advances and additional multi-sensory products and services launch to capture consumers’ attention.

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