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Watermelon is a popular seasonal beverage flavor that never goes out of style. The warm weather welcomes the latest watermelon launches including non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. According to Datassential, more than 75% of consumers wish there were more items with watermelon on menus. Watermelon on menus has grown by 54% in the past four years, making it one of the fastest-growing fruits, according to a 2019 MenuTrends study by Datassential.

Healthy Hydration With A Non-Alcoholic Beverage

With 92% water, watermelon is known to be hydrating and healthy. Brands are launching watermelon ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages with a focus on functionality. Wtrmln Wtr’s new line of functional beverages includes: Antioxidant, Hydration, Immunity, and Recover varieties. The products highlight watermelon juice, a source of natural hydration, and are formulated with functional ingredients such as acerola, sea salt, turmeric, cayenne, hibiscus, ginger juice, and tart cherry. Mela Watermelon Water released a 100% natural watermelon beverage that contains no added sugars and helps rehydrate in four flavors: Ginger, Passionfruit, Pineapple, and Watermelon. Beam Elevate is a line of hydrating beverage mixes available in three variants: Balance (Hydration +Probiotic Mix), Energy (Hydration + Energy Mix), and Recovery (Hydration + Collagen Mix). The Balance blend is a Watermelon flavor and formulated with coconut water, beetroot, green coffee bean, citrulline, and Himalayan sea salt. The mixes do not contain added sugar and are paleo, vegan, and keto-friendly. PepsiCo, Inc. has added Mtn Dew Major Melon and Mtn Dew Major Melon Zero Sugar to its portfolio. This watermelon flavor is the first permanent Mtn Dew flavor to be added to the line in more than a decade.

Wet Your Whistle With A Cocktail

Summertime is approaching and that means it’s the season for outdoor entertainment and cocktails. Absolut Vodka unveiled its latest release: Watermelon, which has a “distinct character of watermelon complemented by hints of spiciness and a touch of tartness.” Grey Goose debuted Grey Goose Essences, “a vodka infused with real fruit and cold-distilled botanicals,” and it does not contain artificial ingredients, sugar, or carbohydrates. The Essences are available in three flavors: Strawberry & Lemongrass, Watermelon & Basil, and White Peach & Rosemary. Malibu’s latest addition is Malibu Watermelon made with natural watermelon flavors that “brings the taste of summer to the rum-based liqueur.”

Grab A Single Serve Hard Drink

Single serve drinks such as hard seltzer, hard lemonade, and beer are exploding in the marketplace with a variety of flavor innovations. According to IRI, total U.S. multi-outlets recorded $6.8 billion in sales, a 68.2% increase for the 52 weeks ending December 27, 2020. Much of the category growth is being driven by hard seltzers. Stone Brewing launched Buenavida Hard Seltzer, which is brewed with high-quality cane sugar and natural flavors offered in Black Cherry, Mandarin, Mango, and Watermelon & Lime flavors. Lone Star Beer has added spiked seltzer to its portfolio of drinks with Agave Lime and Agave Watermelon. Vizzy Hard Seltzer expanded its range with the launch of Vizzy Lemonade in four flavors: Raspberry Lemonade, Peach Lemonade, Strawberry Lemonade, and Watermelon Lemonade. The hard lemonades have a 5% ABV and are gluten-free. Dos Equis introduced its Lime & Salt Variety, which is “a lager beer with hints of natural fruit flavors and a touch of lime & salt.” The lineup features Cucumber, Lime & Salt, Pineapple, and Watermelon varieties.

Watermelon is a tried and true, seasonal favorite across beverage segments. Expect to see new watermelon and watermelon combinations in a variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. With so many watermelon beverages available now, you don’t have to wait until National Watermelon Day to celebrate, which is observed annually on August 3.

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