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Nail care is traditionally a quiet category driven by seasonal nail polish color launches and quick drying formulas. However, there has been a surge of recent activity in nail care with new applications, technology, and nail care services.

On the run? Try OPI’s Nic’s Sticks Paint & Go Nail Lacquer or Sally Hansen’s Color Quick Fast Dry Nail Color Pen. Both products are packaged in easy to use pen like applicators. Looking for something less permanent? Sula’s Paint & Peel nail polish is “make-up for your nails” that you can apply and then simply peel off.

Feeling creative? Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pen comes in 8 shades with a fine tip point that you can “design & go.” Migi Nail Art “has both a brush for painting your nails and an art tip for drawing.” For the young set, Claire’s offers 3 in 1 nail polish in neon colors. Want something flashier? Step into a nail salon and get the Minx Nail treatment, a flexible metallic film that is heated and applied to the nail in a variety of designs.

More of a collector? Piggy Polish for your toes comes with a flower-topped toe ring. In the UK, Nail Inc. launched 10 nail polish shades each with a collectible, miniature British-themed charm.

Want the latest technology? Gel nails are the new hot ticket. This technology offers a “non-yellowing, clear and flexible overlay” that makes the nails look natural and glossy. To jazz up your nails, the gel can be used to embed gems. Give it a try at a Dashing Diva Nail Salon that features the Gelife™ manicure that “lasts for weeks.”

Crave something simpler? Matte finish is the in vogue nail texture this season. Choose from Opi’s Matte Nail Lacquer, Zoya Matte Velvet, and Essie’s Matte About You Finisher. If men want a piece of the action, Man Glaze offers Black Matte and Grey Matte nail color.

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