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“Green” is the hot topic on everyone’s list. We’ve seen green, eco-friendly products and services introduced in a myriad of industries. There are emerging, environmentally friendly and biodegradable ingredients and materials being used to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers. Corn, potato, soy, and bamboo aren’t just for eating anymore, these ingredients are finding new earth-friendly uses in design, fashion, and beauty.

Want to be good to our planet? Instead of plastic or styrofoam, try using a biodegradable cup made with NatureWorks PLA, an eco-friendly resin made from corn. While you are at it, you can throw your trash away in a BioBag, a “100% biodegradable and 100% compostable bag” derived from corn. If you’re fashion minded maybe you should wear stylish clothes that use Ingeo™, a man-made corn fiber. Even your cosmetics can be earth friendly. Try PlantLove™ Botanical Lipstick by Cargo – the lipstick tube is made from corn and the lipstick is formulated without mineral oil or petroleum.

Not a fan of corn? You can use Spudware™, a biodegradable line of utensils and Potato Pak, a biodegradable line of plates and bowls both made from potato. Prefer Sweet Potato? Toyota is researching the use of Sweet Potato as a substitute for petroleum-based plastic for their new car designs.

If potatoes don’t tickle your fancy, how about Soy? The soybean is used to create an eco-chic fiber, a non-toxic ink, and is an ingredient in beauty care products. Fashion designers are creating comfy clothes such as men’s underwear by 2(x)ist and baby clothes by Baby Soy. The Aveda Light The Way candle package uses soy ink for its label and Fresh offers a Soy Face Cleanser.

Allergic to soy? Why not try Bamboo instead? Bamboo is the “it” material for sustainable design in residential and commercial buildings, but it is also appearing in fashion and home decor. For example, the T Salon designed their retail boutique with hand-crafted bamboo and 3 R Living sells bamboo kitchenware such as cutting boards and bowls. Same Underneath features a wide range of bamboo apparel and Bed Bath & Beyond carries an exclusive line of Bamboo twill sheet sets.

Watch as more biodegradable, sustainable, and eco-friendly ingredients such as corn, potato, soy, and bamboo appear in new design, fashion, and beauty products.

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