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Rainbow colored lipsticks in silver applicators for a multi-sensory article about color changing cosmetics and flavor changing products

The multi-sensory trend is a reoccurring theme. In the last two years, Trendincite examined this exciting topic with Multi-Sensorial Products – You Fill Up My Senses and Multi-Sensory Technology – Sensory Overload articles. The relationship happening between fragrance and flavor and the translation of the two into multi-sensory experiences continues to be an important aspect of consumers’ involvement with a product or service. The intimate connection between fragrance and flavor is being brought closer together through experiential demonstrations including education, sensory dining/drinking, and sampling.

Fragrance Delivery: Givaudan and Printemps collaborated in April 2010 and designed Perfume Workshops to educate the public about the fragrance industry. With the help of fragrance suppliers and manufacturers, Longwood Gardens offers Making Scents: The Art and Passion of Fragrance exhibit on view from April to November 2010. To enhance their visitors’ experience, the garden features Fragrant Fridays, “a full-sensory way to experience the gardens and Conservatory” and launched Always in Bloom Eau de Parfum. Mane developed Womanity fragrance, by Thierry Mugler, using caviar and fig notes that were captured through a patented molecular extraction technology, making it a sweet and savory scent. Les Opticiens Atol (French eyeglass company) launched the AK Senteurs line of scented glasses where the fragrance is housed in the arms. There are four fragrances available “Coquette” (floral), “Île Aux Baisers” (fruity), “Chocolat” (gourmand), and “Adriana” (spicy and sweet). For those who want something simpler, there’s the limited edition scented Michael Kors Very Hollywood Signature Pen.

The Changers: Remember mood rings? Well, now there are color changing cosmetics and flavor changing products, which create multi-sensory experiences for the user. Del Sol-Color Changing Nail Polish is activated by sunlight and is one color indoors and a new color outdoors. Too Faced Mood Swing Lip Gloss is “emotionally activated, shade-shifting lip gloss that blossoms into a variety of perfect pink shades” while Duwop offers color changing lipstick available in Private Red, Private Plum, and Private Nude. For a fun flavor changing product, try Stride Shift Chewing Gum in two changing flavors – Citrus Mint and Berry Mint where both flavors change to mint in the middle of chewing. For more adventure, attend a “flavor tripping” miracle fruit party and make lemons and limes taste sweet like candy.

Off The Menu: In March 2010, Tasteologie and Droog Design created the CMYK event that featured five mixologists and five designers who presented their interpretations of the CMYK graphic design color standard (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White) through unique cocktails paired with tasting plates and presentations from each designer. For example, Mixologist Tomas Delos Reyes’ interpretation of a black cocktail highlighted black vodka, vermouth, black peppercorn, blood orange, and orange blossom water. Food & Wine magazine’s Supercharge Your Senses print and online advertising campaign (sponsored by Infiniti) showcases the “Sense- OMeter” with Touch, Taste, See, Hear, and Smell categories. Each category illustrates examples of how chefs are creating multi-sensory experiences with the use of interesting ingredients, textures, colors, and temperatures. Consumers can view an array of photo galleries and collect recipes. The Dark Dining Projects by Dana Salisbury creates an entire sensory experience for diners who are blindfolded throughout the course of the meal. During the meal diners’ senses are engaged, as their palates are teased to identify the variety of ingredients and combinations that have been prepared, while artistic performers entertain through dance and music and challenge diners’ auditory and physical senses. Next restaurant in Chicago is expected to open this year. They will “serve four menus per year from great moments in culinary history – or the future” and sell tickets to dinner seatings, making dining an event.

Tasters: In conjunction with First Flavor, American Greetings recently introduced the Tasties™ card line. Greeting cards include “flavor strips” that correspond with the art and sentiment of each card. For example, a birthday card may feature an image of a cupcake with a vanilla cupcake tastie inside for the receiver to taste. Another interactive example is Unilever/SapientNitro’s Ice Cream Vending Machine that debuted in May 2010 at a music festival in Lisbon, Portugal. “Consumers walk up to the machine, smile and are rewarded with a frozen treat.” For a hands-on experience, Sensory Lab, a coffee shop in Melbourne, Australia allows consumers to sample coffee. The store is set up like a lab with a variety of coffee products and equipment where salespeople in white lab coats walk consumers through the shop to find their personal coffee blend.

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