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A Caucasian pregnant woman holding white baby onesie for an article about products and services for new and expecting moms

Life used to be less complicated. Expecting parents had few choices for children’s products and brands. Today there is a plethora of services and products available; many that have been designed by seasoned parents. From prenatal services and products to practical and functional accessories, choices for new parents abound.

Pregnant and need pampering before the little one arrives? Expecting parents can book a Babymoon (a pre-baby vacation) and experience luxury pregnancy packages such as prenatal massages for moms-to-be and sports massages for dads-to-be. Visit and pick the destination of your choice. Staying local? Blow off steam by taking a prenatal yoga class.

Intend on nursing? When you’re blurry eyed and can’t see straight in the middle of the night, get out your Bela Baby Nurse-n-Glow Lighted Nursing Pillow with a built in LED light that can be manually operated or set with an automatic timer. Need to nurse in a public place? Try the MoBoleez Hat, “a baby hat with a great big brim that gives mom a little privacy.” Maybe one day Nicola Hart’s Breastfeeding Chair will be available at your local coffee bar. Hart, a furniture design student at De Montfort University, created a nursing chair with a high back,  armrests,  a built-in table,  privacy wings,  and an optional footrest meant to be used in busy, public spaces. Had a glass of wine or a cocktail? The Milkscreen Detection Test for Alcohol in Breast Milk will let you know in two minutes if it’s safe to nurse.

Have a ton of baby gear to tote? For those dad’s that find pink and powder blue diaper bags too feminine, how about purchasing a Diaper Vest, The Wearable Diaper Bag by Dad Gear? Designed by two dads, the Diaper Vest features a variety of pockets discreetly designed to hold bottles, diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and even a place for your cell phone, keys, and MP3 player.

On the go? Invest in the All-in-One Car Seat, Baby Stroller, and Booster Seat. It’s so versatile and practical that it can be used as a seat for the car or airplane, a booster seat for dining, or a stroller. Attach the JJ Cole Essentials Pacifier Pod, a machine and dishwasher safe pacifier case and off you go.

Just need a good laugh? Purchase a Baby Toupee and watch your baby transform into a celebrity – choose from Donald Trump to Lil’ Kim.

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