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Form and function are important elements used in design. Both the Museum of Modern Art and Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum exhibit and sell everyday functional products from furniture to household items to kitchen utensils. Now, more and more merchandise is being designed using technology that combines multi-functional purposes and intriguing aesthetics. From fashion and accessories to beauty and consumer packaged goods, these design elements continue to surface.

If you are a fashionista, get your hands on an Angel Chang design. Using smart textiles such as “color-changing inks, 3-D images, iPod clothing and light up gear,” Chang designs clothes that combine high-end technology with cutting edge style. If you own a Chang Lace & Vinyl Light-Up Raincoat, may I suggest you complete the ensemble with a Nubrella, an aerodynamic hands-free umbrella with shoulder straps.

More obsessed with shoes than Imelda Marcos? For avant-garde design, be the first to get a pair of Marloes ten Bhomer couture shoes. Bhomer’s shoe designs are usually commissioned and exhibited in museums and galleries, but she is gearing up to launch her first special edition collection. Need a quick fix? Try the CAMiLEON Heels, a line of shoes with adjustable heels using “a patented adjustable-height technology.”

Beauty products are your weakness? You can have white teeth and glossy lips with Enbrightenment BriteSmile® Whitener & Tarte Lip Gloss combined in a dual applicator. Prefer a fashion accessory? YSL offers  Soleil D’Afrique, a collector necklace with a natural wood compact that holds a bronzing face powder.

Have simpler tastes? Grab a bottle of Activate Drinks, “a functional drink featuring interactive packaging,” that stores vitamins and herbs in the cap and is released when the bottle cap is twisted and opened. Need something cool for your kids? The Y Water is a children’s organic functional beverage made from “100% recyclable and reusable packaging shaped like the letter Y.” You can buy “Y knots” that are used to connect Y Water bottles together to build imaginative structures.

Form and function are important aspects of all consumer packaged goods. Watch as new brands across markets such as fashion, accessories, beauty, and ready-to-drink beverages create multi-functional products with intriguing aesthetics.

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