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Manufacturers, retailers, and consumers alike are looking for new and exciting ingredients to create unique products and enticing marketing concepts. Several ingredients such as Mastic, Shiso and Kimchi are emerging in food and beauty products for individuals to “chew on.” These green ingredients are inspiring new personal care products across a variety of markets including oral care, skincare, and fine fragrance. In the flavor arena, these ingredients are trending in pastries and sorbet.

Looking for an ingredient that will clean your teeth, freshen your breath, and soften your skin? Mastic, also known as Mastiha, a resin made from the Mastic tree from Chios, Greece, is making its way into products such as chewing gum, toothpaste, and skin care.

Searching for a new use for an herb? Shiso, also known as Perilla, a Japanese herb that is “a relative of basil and mint, but with a stronger flavor reminiscent of Anise” is being used in pastries and fine fragrances. For example, Adrian Vasquez of Providence LA offers a Litchi-Shiso sorbet and Aftelier Perfumes features Shiso perfume “an old Geisha formula, with notes of Shiso Leaf, Agarwood and turn-of-the-century spices” in her natural collection.

Need a bold taste? Kimchi is a Korean fermented cabbage and vegetable dish made with varied seasonings. It is appearing on menus such as Momofuku Ssam Bar and Crif Dogs as well as in specialty packaged food like Hawthorne Valley Farm Kim Chee. It is even making its way into space. Mr. Ko San, South Korea’s first astronaut, took a space approved version of Kimchi on his outer space journey in April.

Watch as more new food and beauty products incorporate Mastic, Shiso and Kimchi ingredients into their formulas.

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